Office of Information Technology for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Office of Information Technology for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Voicemail Commands on the Cisco IP Phone System

Retrieve Voicemail

When your message waiting light is on:

  1. Lift your handset and press the MESSAGES button. OR
    • Enter the mailbox number if prompted, followed by #
  2. Enter the password, followed by #

Voicemail Settings While Logged In

41 Change your greetings
412 Turn on/off alternate greeting
423 Choose full menus or brief menus
431 Change your phone password
432 Change your recorded name

While Playing A Message

1 Restart Message
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Slow playback
5 {unused}
6 Fast playback
7 Rewind message
8 Pause/Resume
9 Fast-forward
# Fast-forward
## Skip message, save as is

After Playing a Message

1 Replay message
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Reply
5 Forward message
6 {unused}
7 Rewind message
8 {unused}
9 Play message properties
# Save the message

Transfer an Active Call to Voicemail

  1. While in the call, press transfer
  2. dial *8 and the 5 digit extension
  3. Press transfer

Pro Tips!

Pro Tip 1!: You can check voicemails in your email!
Pro Tip 2!: Press # during a co-worker’s mailbox greeting to bypass the greeting and get to the tone to record a message.
Pro Tip 3!: You can directly call another user’s mailbox! Dial *8 first, then their 5 digit extension.

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