New Web Content Filter

The OIT division is changing its web content filter from Websense to Palo Alto’s URL content filter.

Why do you filter?

It is important to note, that we at OIT do not choose the web sites to filter, however we choose categories to filter or allow. We have selected the filtered categories based on three main areas of concern.

  1. Security/Privacy Risks
  2. Legal Risks
  3. Productivity/Bandwidth Loss

Many of the blocked categories pose a security risk by either introducing malware into the corporate network or stealing private information or corporate intellectual property. Some websites look legitimate but try to steal your information. This is the majority of our focus in filtering sites. Some of the categories are business inappropriate and left unblocked could cause legal issues. Indeed, in our businesses that serve children, web content filtering is often a requirement. Finally, some sites are filtered to protect against productivity or bandwidth loss. Our connection the to Internet does have a speed limit and we are required to put safeguards in place to keep it available for business use. We have been increasing our available bandwidth over the years, so you may notice we have lessened the restrictions on bandwidth and productivity considerably.

Filtering Problems

As mentioned above; we only choose the categories of sites to be filtered and not the individual sites themselves. It is quite possible and highly likely that the categories will be wrong. You may be trying to get to a legitimate web site and find that the Palo Alto has filtered the site. We can fix this issue when it occurs and whitelist the web site. Just contact the help desk and we will be happy to investigate the issue. Please keep in mind that this is a corporate Internet connection, so requests to unblock sites with no business value or reason may not be honored.
*New Categories Updated 10/29/2017

Our Current Filtering Categories

Category: Websense (Old Filter): Palo Alto (New Filter):
Abortion Allow Allow
Abused Drugs Block Block
Adult Block Block
Alcohol and Tobacco Allow Allow
Auctions Allow Allow
Business and Economy Allow Allow
*Command and Control Block Block
Computer and Internet Info Allow Allow
Content Delivery Networks Allow Allow
*Copyright Infringement Block Block
Dating Allow Allow
Dynamic DNS Allow Allow
Educational Institutions Allow Allow
Entertainment and Arts Allow Allow
*Extremism Block Block
Financial Services Allow Allow
Gambling Block Block
Games Block Block
Government Allow Allow
Hacking Block Block
Health and Medicine Allow Allow
Home and Garden Allow Allow
Hunting and Fishing Allow Allow
*Insufficient Content Block Block
*Internet Communications and Telephony Block Allow
Internet Portals Allow Allow
Job Search Allow Allow
Legal Allow Allow
Malware Block Block
Military Allow Allow
Motor Vehicles Allow Allow
Music Block Allow
News Allow Allow
*Not Resolved Block Allow
Nudity Block Block
Online Storage and Backup Block Allow
Parked Block Block
Peer-to-Peer Block Block
Personal Sites and Blogs Block Allow
Philosophy and Political Advocacy Allow Allow
Phishing Block Block
Private IP Addresses Block Block
Proxy Avoidance and Anonymizers Block Block
Questionable Block Block
Real Estate Allow Allow
Recreation and Hobbies Allow Allow
Reference and Research Allow Allow
Religion Allow Allow
Search Engines Allow Allow
Sex Education Allow Allow
Shareware and Freeware Block Block
Shopping Allow Allow
Social Networking Block Allow
Society Allow Allow
Sports Allow Allow
Stock Advice and Tools Allow Allow
Streaming Media Block Allow**
Swimsuits and Intimate Apparel Allow Allow
Training and Tools Allow Allow
Translation Allow Allow
Travel Allow Allow
*Unknown Block Block
Weapons Block Block
Web Advertisements Block Block
Web-based Email Block Block
Web Hosting Allow Allow

**Heavily utilized bandwidth sites like iHeartRadio, Pandora, Netflix and Spotify are excluded.

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