E-mail System Upgrade Announcement


The Archdiocesan E-mail System is being upgraded.
–Current Status–

  1. OIT Domain – Complete
  2. ARCH Domain – Complete
  3. CHCS Domain – Complete
  4. CSS Domain – Complete

What is happening?

Over the next few weeks OIT will be upgrading the backend e-mail systems. This is a necessary process to stay current and supported by Microsoft, the manufacturer of our e-mail system.

What do I need to do?

For the most part, no action is required on your part. The upgrade will happen a few mailboxes at a time over the next few weeks. The process will not affect your ability to access, send or receive e-mail. The Outlook application on your PC will not change in usage or visually. The only visibly different change will be when you access the Outlook Web APP (OWA) web-based e-mail at https://owa.chs-adphila.org.

Outlook Web App (OWA) Differences

Prior to your mailbox being upgraded, OWA online appears as the following:

Exchange 2010 OWA
Exchange 2010 OWA

Notice that the links to the calendar, tasks, contacts etc. are on the bottom left. The updated version of OWA has these links at the top right:

Exchange 2013 OWA
Exchange 2013 OWA

When is my mailbox being upgraded?

Mailboxes are being upgraded by division and in small batches, a few dozen at a time. You can check the archoit.org web site at https://archoit.org/2017/07/19/e-mail-system-upgrade-announcement/ to check the status summary of your domain.

Known Issues

During testing of the upgrade process, there was a small number of times where an issue occurred with Outlook on the PC, where Outlook would not connect to e-mail. There is an easy solution to this issue which can be resolved by contacting our help desk at [email protected] or calling 215-854-7067.

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