PSA: External E-mail & Storage

Using third-party companies (i.e. Google, Dropbox, AOL, etc.) for business e-mail and data storage can put you and the company at risk of data breach!

Using systems like these without proper configurations can result in your data being lost or stolen without you ever knowing! May result in a dangerous and costly data breach that can have serious impact to you and the entire organization!

If you are using third-party services like the ones listed above for business reasons and have not contacted OIT beforehand, please stop any further use and contact the Help Desk.

OIT clients provided with computer and e-mail access are meant for the benefit of obtaining business-related information from online resources.  Non business-related activities, using company resources, are not allowed. Our concern in doing so is that we cannot guarantee the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the data outside our systems. OIT offers many services and solutions to securely store, send, and monitor client data within our network environment. Do not hesitate to ask us questions and share your ideas-we are willing, wanting and waiting to hear from you. We strive to humanize technology by delivering safe, creative and reasonable solutions to the Archdiocese, responding to our clients’ needs with respect and integrity.

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