Notification of Current Network Issues


Level(3) is experiencing outages in our geographic area. Status – Resolved
We have monitored traffic for the last day, and can report that all Level(3) connections have returned to normal.

What is Happening?

Many have reported to OIT that they have experienced slow access to the Internet and business systems. It seems that one of our network vendors, Level(3) is experiencing outages in our geographic area. This has led to the slowness of accessing systems and the Internet over Level(3) circuits. We are working with the vendor to help diagnose the root cause and restore services to normal.

Who is Affected?

This issue mainly affects the sites that use Level(3) exclusively for Internet and data/voice communications which are:

  • Archdiocesan Pastoral Center
  • St. Francis St Joseph’s
  • De La Salle Vocational
  • St. Gabriel’s Hall
  • Northeast FSC
  • Casa Del Carmen
  • Southwest FSC
  • Chester City FSC
  • Mercy Hospice
  • Women of Hope Vine
  • Women of Hope Lombard
  • Montgomery County FSC
  • St. John’s Hospice
  • Bucks County FSC
  • CUA
  • Cora
  • Fatima
  • Norwood
  • Group Homes of DPD

Level(3) is aware of the outage and Is working with us and their other customers. As the map shows below, the issue affects a wide geographic area.

We will send out follow ups as needed and update everyone when the issue is resolved.

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