Power Issues For Some Locations


There are weather related power outages at some locations across our network.

This will be the last edit: March 7, 2018 12:25PM EST. Real-Time status updates can now be found at https://archoit.org/system-status/

What is Happening?

Please be aware that today’s storm has caused some power outages and issues that may affect some sites. Currently we are monitoring outages at group homes, St. John Vianney, Divine Providence Village and St. Rose of Lima. Though St. Rose is one of our main data centers; our backup power, batteries and generators are working well and are keeping all of the network resources (email, Internet, phones etc.) available. We will send out another notice should the status change. Thank you.

Who is Affected?

Currently the following locations are reporting outages:

  • Belfield Group Home
  • Sickle Group Home

Locations whose outages have been restored:

  • Bethel Group Home
  • CKDG Cottages
  • Collins Group Home
  • CORA
  • Divine Providence Village
  • Fairhill Group Home
  • Fatima Group Home
  • GlenSpring Group Home
  • Grant Group Home
  • Hedgerow Group Home
  • Hickory Group Home
  • Kenwood Group Home
  • Montgomery County Family Service Center
  • Notre Dame Group Home
  • Rolling Road Group Home
  • Stewart Group Home
  • St. Edmunds Home
  • St. John Vianney
  • St. Joseph’s Hall
  • St. Rose of Lima
  • Sunnybrook Group Home
  • War Admiral Group Home
  • White Group Home
  • Villa St. Joseph
The Hero of St. Rose
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