Internet Slowness at APC

Hello, for the past few weeks we have had reports of slowness from the several floors of the 222 building with wired access to the Internet. We have identified the cause of the issue and have restored the network to its expected speeds.

What Happened?

There was a faulty legacy web filter that we removed from the network. As all Internet-bound traffic flowed through this device, it had created a bottleneck affecting speed. We have removed the legacy web filter and replaced it with our current standard filter.

What do I need to do?

Currently, no action is required. If you are still experiencing Internet sluggishness at the 222 building, please let us know as it may be a different issue.

New Web Filter

We will be sending out another update once the new filter settings go live. We say new, but it will just be new for you. It is the same standardized filter we use at every other location on our network. Though it is well tested, there is a high probability that some sites that were open before will now blocked and vice versa as this is a completely different filtering product. We can of course ​unblock any business appropriate site blocked in error.

For a list of the filtering categories and and wether they are blocked or not, refer to the New Web Content Filter post on our web site and see the right hand column.

For more assistance feel free to Contact Us.

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