Limited Network Outage

Update 6/24 @ 4:02PM: We received a notice from Verizon stating that their services were restored around 2:00PM this afternoon. We are still testing connectivity and will plan a cutover either tomorrow after hours or Wednesday evening after tests have completed. If you are still having network connectivity issues please contact the Help Desk. Updates will be posted on the ArchOIT website as they become available. Thank you for your patience.


Update 6/24 @ 11:06AM:

The below message was sent to us by another Vendor who has more information than us on the Verizon outage. For the APC (where we have a second Internet connection) we have temporarily re-routed traffic to our network center in North Wales. E-mail access should be restored. I know this is terrible bad luck for an outage to occur right after a cutover to a new vendor and we appreciate the feedback and notifications we are receiving about the outage.

“SERVICE IMPACT: As of 10 AM EST,Verizon is was experiencing a national service outage. While the heaviest concentration of Verizon’s principle network is in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, they also have a direct presence in Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, Detroit, Toronto, Minneapolis, Wichita, LA, San Francisco, Houston, and Dallas. Those areas are also affected by the overall service issue.

RESTORATION TIME: The outage may be related to a system problem rather than a fiber cut. It is also possible that since most major carriers are interconnected, the Verizon system issue could affect services provided by other carriers. At this time, we do not have a confirmation on the cause or the restoration timeframe. As we receive more information, we will keep you updated.”


OIT is aware of the current outage that is effecting the APC/HFC campuses. We are working to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. First try rebooting your PC if you can’t log in, drives are missing or printers are not connected. Then, if this doesn’t help, please e-mail the Help Desk for fastest service related to this outage. OIT will be prioritizing these requests, and can easily determine e-mailed requests related to the outage. Thank you for your patience. Updates will be posted when they become available.

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