Scheduled Maintenance Friday 11/6 6PM

UPDATE: The maintenance has been completed.

Hello, this weekend between 6pm on Friday and 6pm on Saturday, OIT will be performing maintenance on our “cloud” environment. During that time, services hosted on our cloud environment will be unavailable. Once complete, we will send out another notification.

What should I expect

​The following services or servers will be unavailable during this time:​

  • Remote Desktop Gateway (VPN will be unaffected)
  • Great Plains Prod and Test
  • Caretracker
  • Dominion
  • Prophix
  • Net2 Access Control
  • Jewelcode
  • NAV/Serenic
  • NDS Application Servers
  • PensionCMS
  • Network File Storage except APC and Norwood users
  • Network Printers except APC and Norwood users
  • Solomon/SL

The following will not be affected:

  • Email
  • Phones
  • Internet Access
  • VPN
  • Harmony
  • Kronos

Technical Details

Since 2014 OIT has hosted services in the VMWare, OVH and AWS clouds. OIT still performs all of the support and maintenance, the cloud is simply leased hardware. In order to reduce costs, OIT has strengthened our own internal hardware and deployed a virtualized in-house cloud identical to the VMWare and OVH offerings. To complete the transition we are moving services off OVH servers and relocating them to our own. Once complete, the usage experience should not change.

This notice and any status updates can be found on our website.

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