Meraki Network Outages

Update 1:30pm:  The replacement appliance has been delivered and installed at our network operations center.  All Meraki networks within our organization are now back online.  We will continue to monitor the situation over the weekend.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Update 10:35am:  We have determined that the problematic device causing the issue is the Cisco Meraki MX-80 appliance located in our network operations center.  This device is responsible for connectivity to all other Meraki devices throughout the organization.  We have a replacement unit on the way and expect to have the issue resolved by this afternoon, possibly as early as 1:00 PM.  Stay tuned for updates.


Good morning,

Today we are experiencing network outages at a number of our smaller offices which use a Cisco Meraki device to connect to the internet. Based on our findings so far, a botched software update may have caused the issue as it appears these issues began early this morning after Cisco Systems Inc. automatically pushed an update to all of our Meraki devices.

We are working to restore service at all sites affected by the issue. If you would like to see the connectivity status for each of the affected sites, you may view our node status page found here:

System Status

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